Welcome to My Light Display

Our display has been visible in Exeter, PA since the 2004 holiday season. Over the years we've added several new features, retired several features, and continued to add more lights. This year is no different. We've continued our replacement of traditional lights and converted over to LEDs. We now have a 98% LED display. We hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check-in when you visit on Facebook.

Recent Posts

  • Updated 2020/2021 Holiday Schedule

    As with past years, we've changed our light schedule for the next two and a half weeks. From now through January 7th, the following schedule has been set:

    Lights On 4:30pm Off 10:00pm
    ... [Read More]
  • Christmas Star is Coming This December

    The last time the "Christmas Star" has occurred was back on March 4, 1226. This year it happens to be on December 21st, 2020. This December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will align in what they ... [Read More]
  • Synchronized Light Show in Mechanicsburg PA

    The Kapranos family has a large display featuring a synchronized music and light show that includes handmade cutouts and inflatables. The hours of operation are estimated to be between 4:45pm and 10pm each night from ... [Read More]
  • Joy Through The Grove at Knoebels Grove Review

    Earlier this evening, we headed out to see the light display at Knoebels in Elysburg. The display is titled "Joy Through The Grove." The display is open nightly from Friday, November 27th through Sunday, January ... [Read More]
  • Welcome to our 2020 Light Display

    Our 2020 light display kicks off Friday, November 27th (Black Friday) when the lights turn on at 4:30pm. Every Sunday through Thursday, the lights will be on from 4:30pm-10:00pm. On Friday and Saturday they stay ... [Read More]